UPG Sustainability Leadership Program, 2022 (fully-funded to USA)

Open to:

Young people aged 18-35 all over the world


22 March, 2022


Hurricane Island, USA


About United People Global(UPG)

UPG believes that sustainability includes BOTH the usual “green” issues such as planting trees, recycling waste, managing energy, protecting the oceans, AND other issues that have been central to our societies for a long time such as education, health, jobs, gender equality, sustainable consumption, sustainable production and more. For those who are familiar with it, UPG uses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide. The flagship activity is the #UPGSustainability Leadership training program for 500+ young adults from across the globe every year. There are also activities for schools and institutions as well as for companies.


We are supporters of diversity. Diversity means that everyone stands a chance when they make the selection of the final UPG Sustainability Leaders. Please note that your age is a minimum of 18 years or a maximum of 35 years on 1 October 2022. This ensures that all participants are within this age group for the duration of the training and experiences that are planned. Please also note that candidates are required to be able to speak, read and write in English as the training is conducted in English.




UPG Sustainability Leaders include:

  • people who are passionate in a specific area (e.g. jobs or education or oceans), there is no need to be passionate in all areas.
  • people who have already taken action related to sustainability AND people who have NEVER taken action
  • people from all world regions
  • people aged 18 to 35 on 1 October 2022
  • people of different levels of education
  • people who have a strong motivation to be UPG Sustainability Leaders
  • people who are willing and able to take action on sustainability
  • people who believe in UPG’s mission to empower people to make the world a better place through positive action.

Eligible Regions: Open for all



  • Be trained and certified as a UPG Sustainability Leader.
  • Can be selected to participate in a complementary and immersive 1-week experience on Hurricane Island in the USA
  • Have an international network with young leaders all over the world


Visit: https://act.unitedpeople.global/upg-sustainability-leadership/

Visit https://act.unitedpeople.global/upg-sustainability-leadership/