Call for Applications, Training Programme in Azerbaijan


Tentative timeline

Announcement and call for application

6-26 June 2022

Selection of participant

28-29 June 2022

Preparing itinerary and course materials

30 June 2022

Info packs for participants

2 July 2022

Training courses

4-8 July 2022

Proposal drafts by participants

10 - 22 July 2022


Training Programme for young people and new graduates from Azerbaijan on writing and implementing successful projects, 4 – 8 July, 2022


Each year various international organizations, foundations and development programmes funded by the European Union, Council of Europe, UN agencies and so forth provide promising and unique opportunities for the projects aiming to increase awareness, capacity building and youth development in many countries. These institutions support legislation and policies to promote a good governance and human and economic development, such as fighting hunger and preserving natural resources. Active role of young people in above-mentioned matters has gained an inevitable significance over the years. The youth – a remarkable part of society, thus hold an integral function thinking globally and acting locally to tackle persistent issues of their communities with the help of education, value creation and cooperation.

Hence, this people need to be aptly empowered and engendered through training and competence development that they are in a proper position to express ideas, mobilize like-minded peers, institutionalize and generate a long-standing impact. In this regard, education in proposal writing, project management, organizing events, visibility, monitoring and evaluation, reporting are of utmost importance in order for young professionals to set forth ideas and strategies to obtain financial support to realize their projects. Obviously, these subjects are not formally thought nor are necessary skills are excelled at schools or universities. Extra-curricular and non-formal learning lies at the heart of building and improving competences in afore-mentioned topics.


Aims and Objectives

This initiative seeks to increase the capacity of recent graduates, young professionals and empower them through skills and competence development which will be conducive to active engagement in attaining funds and resources provided by international donor organizations through projects and similar activities. The capacity building course will serve as a springboard in a longer-term to cultivate experts in the particular realm of developing effective proposals and managing international project cycles. It also encompasses an overarching aim of transferring knowledge and best practices as well as contribute to youth employment. Therefore, following objectives are underlined to be achieved within the scope of proposed initiative with a transformative power of education:

  • Provide intensive trainings and seminars for active and emerging young leaders, graduates and talents in the field of proposal writing, project management, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting;
  • Increase awareness on existing and perspective funding opportunities, donor organizations, provision of resources for youth development and education;
  • Unlock talents, skills and potentials of participants through vigorous and informal learning methods and steer them towards practical capacity-building actions in which participants will not only improve competences, but also practice further through real time project writing and management activities

Engaging participants

In this phase, call for application and announcements will be released and cascaded through social media channels and email communication to various education institutions to attract interests of potential participants. Short-listed candidates will be contacted and invited to designated training courses.

Training course

The core activity of this project is to organize an intensive training course for selected participants for 5 days. Following topics / modules will be covered by field experts:

  • Research methods and analysis
  • Proposal development: what is a project problem and how to design a problem tree?
  • Developing a LogFrame
  • Project life cycle and essentials of project management
  • Proposal development: communication and visibility strategies
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Reporting
  • Funding opportunities, resources and tools for youth projects


Project incubator

This phase of the initiative provides rather practical grounds for participants to team up and develop their draft proposals and fill in real application forms. Drafted proposals will be reviewed by project experts and participants will be guided how to proceed to apply for funds.


Target group:

  • Undergraduate (III and IV year) and master's degree students, new graduates and young professionals;
  • Active young people with experience and interest in the implementation of social and educational projects;
  • Young people who has research, analysis, academic writing and learning skills and able to participate on the above mentioned dates to attend training programme
  • Young people who are open to new job opportunities by spending their summer holidays more productive and increasing their knowledge and skills.

Application process

Interested candidates to attend the course should submit this google form - (by attaching resumes and statement of purpose (maximum 300 words)) -

Contact e-mail: (for Q&A)


About Sustainera - 

Sustainera Consulting Services is a private consulting firm registered in Azerbaijan providing advisory, sustainability and capacity development services both locally and internationally.

​We - the SUSTAINERA team are observing an increasing need for high quality change management services in the field of social and economic development. This brought us together to establish a platform where we form a team and leverage our capacities to offer such needed services to governments, NGO’s, CSO’s, International Donors and the private sector. 

​We believe that a just and sustainable world will result when the unique skills and resources of all sectors—business, civil society, and government—are aligned to advance socially and environmentally responsible practices and improve long-term performance.

Sustainera Team focuses on delivering practical and enduring results that enable our clients to succeed.


About "Bir Könüllü" Students' Cooperation Public Union -


"Bir Könüllü" Students' Cooperation Public Union was established as a program in 2015 by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan to systematize work with student-volunteers. The program has been operating as a Public Union since August 2, 2019.


The union works both locally and internationally to ensure effective youth engagement, to create the generation of responsible and qualified citizens and to provide Azerbaijani student community with the essential labor skills, and to assist the development  of youths’ intellectual potentiality in the country. Our principal mission is organizing various projects in terms of volunteering and education policy, providing volunteer support to the large-scale projects in the country, promoting practice-oriented activities among the youth representatives, developing their already existing talents, interests and skills. 


The vision of the organization is creating a unique identity, building local and international partnerships, achieving self- realization of students, enhancing online presence, and uniting all university and college students under one umbrella.