Call for Applications for Young Ambassador for a Green Transition

A space to promote youth participation in the sustainable and green transition in the European Just Transition regions

1. Introduction

This call for proposals is launched under the "EUTeens4Green- A new Generation of Young Ambassadors for a just inclusive Transition" project, co-funded by the European Union (Grant agreement nº2021CE160AT032, co-funded by the DG Regio of the European Union. Call for proposals - Promoting youth participation in just transition - EUTEENS4GREEN).

It offers financial support of up to €10.000 to young people aged 15-24 (individuals, groups of youngsters, or youth associations) willing to run actions in their community to increase the participation of people affected by the shift to a green economy in one of the EU Just Transition regions.

The call is managed by the consortium composed of Startup Europe Regions Network (SERN)Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), and CEE Bankwatch Europe (hereafter "the consortium"), and with the support of the association Generation Climate Europe (GCE).


Eligible applicants

In order to be eligible, applications must be presented by a single applicant meeting the following criteria:

A. Individual or group of individuals aged 15-24 or

B. Non-profit organisation (private or public) provided that youngsters or members of the association involved in the project are aged 15-24;

Be resident or established in one of the 27 EU Member States territories indicated in the map:




Admissibility and documents

Applications must be submitted electronically via this Application form.

Paper or email submissions are NOT admissible.

Proposals must be submitted in English, using this online Application form.

Proposals must be complete and contain all the requested information in the Application form. Additional supporting documents will be requested only for selected applicants.

The Application Form includes administrative information about the applicant, the technical description of the action, simplified cost estimation, and formal declarations. All sections are limited by the number of characters, which are clearly stated in each section. Applicants must comply with the limits indicated.