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                   English to Turkish translation of online university courses



Translation currently needed in accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, electrical engineering, finance, international business, programming, psychology, sociology and statistics. 
PEOI's courses may contain a thousand documents of text, assignments, review and test questions. Localization of translation is desirable. All PEOI's course pages are in HTML. You will not be responsible for any HTML code, but only for the text in between. Nevertheless, familiarity with HTML is helpful, and especially advanced computer skills.
Number of volunteers: 12
PEOI is a non-profit organization started in 1999, and now run by over 5000 volunteers, that delivers complete university level courses online at in eleven languages free of charge.
PEOI's courses include interconnected learning tools with submission of assignments, class discussions and automated graded tests, that allow PEOI to award course completion certificates.
We want to develop complete programs of studies in various disciplines so that PEOI can award course completion certificates to students who complete course test requirements, and eventually award degrees, at no charge, of course; thus, help disadvantaged students get a profession and a job.
Region or country
Eastern Europe, CIS
Development topic
Apply for this volunteer opportunity ONLY if you have studied a subject listed above in your native language.
Advanced computer skills necessary since all work is done online. Please submit CV.
Areas of expertise
Business and administration
Engineering and engineering trades
English, Turkish
Hours per week
Duration in weeks





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Organization name    Professional Education, Testing and Certification International Fund

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Professional Education, Testing and Certification International Fund, known as PEOI, provides complete university level courses online free of charge in twelve languages to absolutely anyone in the world. PEOI's goal is to help disadvantaged students and aspiring professional to improve their lives and help their country.

PEOI was created and is run by over 5,000 volunteers. PEOI's courses are first of all complete high quality open textbooks. After studying a chapter, students can take tests, submit assignments and participate in class discussions. Students enrolled in a completed course with average grade of 70/100 or better on all tests in the course are awarded a course completion certificate.

PEOI has over 500 courses under construction, but only two dozen completed courses. Developing course requires either writing content in teams or importing it from open education sources. Developing or translating course content is high demanding, requires having completed university studies and preferably having teaching experience. Volunteers must also have advanced computer skills because all work is done online in PEOI's course development platform.

PEOI has been developing its courses for over ten years, but this is only the beginning: there is still an enormous amount of work, and a wide range of tasks must be completed (from research of references on the internet to illustrations, writing test questions, cases, assignments, class discussions and answering student questions). Won't you join us?

Out goal is to serve millions and millions of students who do not have access to higher education because of cost or location. We believe that the internet make it possible to deliver free university education to all. But this can only happen if volunteers like you join in PEOI's course development.