Call for Applications, Workshop for Journalists in Budapest and Berlin

Invitation to a workshop in Budapest and Berlin

„Freedom of the press – challenges and strategies of defence. An international exchange

for journalists from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia

Budapest, Hungary 25.-30. November 2018  and Berlin 1.- 8. December 2018


In most states of the former Soviet Union, the so called countries in transition,  freedom of press is at stake. Independent journalists work constantly under pressure, they are attacked or even being send to jail. Most of the media are state controlled or belong to oligarchs. Critical newspapers or websites are often  put on trial by fake accusations on purpose to shut them down.This occupational conditions do not only exist in post-soviet regions. In Hungary, which joined the European Union in 2004, it has been repeatedly proven that the government of Viktor Orbán strongly tries to prevent critical media and journalists from just doing their job.

How can journalists realize good journalism under such restrictions? These and other problems will be the main focus of the journalism seminar of taz-panter-foundation. 15 Journalists will be invited to exchange their experience. In Budapest and in Berlin the participants will meet journalists, politicians, public stakeholders and experts. They will become acquainted with the media landscape  in Hungary and Germany and will get to know the problems faced by  journalists in both countries.

During the stay in Berlin participants are expected to finalize an article covering a topic in the context of the seminar. Ideas and research should be presented  before the beginning of the first part of the seminar or at latest during the stay in Budapest.

The taz-panter-foundation is focused on trainings for journalists. This foundation is closely linked to „die tageszeitung“ (taz), an independent daily  German newspaper (

Further information:

The workshop consists of two parts, participants are expected to join both parts, in Budapest and Berlin.

Expenses including travel costs, hotel-accomodation in bedrooms mostly shared by 2 persons, most meals are paid by the German Federal Foreign Office and taz Panter foundation. Participants should expect expenses of max. 50 € for other meals.

Requirement for participation

*Journalistic experience for at least 2 years in print-, online-, radio- or TV-outlets or as blogger.

*Working knowledge of Russian;  and a good level in English language to be able to follow few lessons and discussions

*No former participation in workshops of panter-foundation or Deutsche Welle

*Valid travel documents for applying for a visa


Application - not later than  29. Oktober 2018

Journalists being interested send 1 document,  a Russian and an English version, including:

  • a CV including work experience and knowledge of language
  • a motivation statement for participation including your idea for a story and the research, also including mail addresses of two journalistic reference persons to be contacted by the panter-foundation.
  • information if you  have a valid visa for  Hungary and Germany for November/December 2018

   Russian and English versions are to be sent to Barbara Oertel at

The transport to/from Budapest and Berlin will be organized by taz Panter foundation. In case you need a

visa please organize it in time!

Responsible for the whole workshop: journalists Barbara Oertel (taz) and Petra Bornhöft (taz-panter-foundation).