İnternational Educational Festival in Timisoara


Deadline: 5 March 2020

Open to: aged 18 to 30, who are enrolled in a university anywhere in the world

Venue: 20-31 July 2020 in Timisoara


ISWinT is an international educational festival, dedicated to all students, aged 18 to 30, who are enrolled in a university anywhere in the world.Here, in Timișoara, 10 days filled with workshops, activities, events and sleepless nights that you will never be forget, await you. This year, ISWinT will take place between July 20th and 31st. The theme for this edition is “Diversity without borders” and you can take part in one of the 8 workshops which cover the following topics:

  1. Human Rights & Obligations
  2. Gender Equality
  3. Migration and Minorities
  4. Bullying
  5. Mental Health and Wellbeing
  6. Disabilities Awareness
  7. Human Exploitation
  8. Quality Education: Rural Empowerment

The workshops which are the foundation of our festival, cover several areas of interest of our participants. They will get the chance to discuss topics that are relevant to both their lives and the world we all live in.
The festival focuses on multiculturality and on exchanging traditions and ideas, the participants interacting with students from all over the world. You can find out more info at .