TOPPA!! Online Leadership Program for G7-12 Students

Open to:

G7-12 Stundets


04 September, 2021




"TOPPA !!" is a systematic online leadership program for G7-12 students that focuses on high-quality inputs and outputs for three months based on programs from top overseas universities such as Cambridge University. 

We had been providing the program in Japanese, successfully achieving high satisfaction rate among the participants. 
Starting in September, we provide the global version of the TOPPA!!, which takes place all in English. In TOPPA!!, you will acquire the mindset and practical skills necessary for global leaders making impact through high-quality inputs and outputs for three months.

First, through interactive lectures by leaders who are active globally, including a lecturer at the University of Cambridge, you will be challenged, encouraged and inspired to be a global leader.
Meanwhile, in order to practice leadership, you will be assigned to a project creating Social Innovation to the medical field. You will be challenged by the healthcare startup OUI Inc. to propose a "New Project Idea to Radically Reduce the Loss of Eyesight".

By forming a group of about 5 students, you will develop collaborative skills and leadership necessary to play a globally active role in the 21st century, in addition to individual problem-solving skills.

Once you complete the program, we issue a digital certificate.For those who have financial restriction to join the program, we offer scholarships to some students.

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Application Form:
(Deadline: Aug 22 (Sun) 23:59 JST)
Information Session:
(Schedule: Aug 14 (Sat) 5-6 PM JST)

-> Participant's Review

"I think that the project has given me a very valuable experience in terms of creating a business from scratch and building teamwork. I am grateful that I got to receive a lot of great advice from the guest teachers, who all taught us in innovative and creative ways with all of their heart. They used games and role-plays to make the scene more realistic and learning more interesting. Their presentations were our role models when we presented our business models.

We also had to work entirely in English. It was tough, trying to communicate as it was a language many of us were not familiar with; we struggled to share ideas but the great mentors supported us. They gave us professional advice, was always there during coffee chats. I didn’t know how to lead the team, so our mentor gave me advice on motivating others. 
Finally, because we are all serious about solving society’s problems, we had to think deeply about what was expected of us and what was required to improve the situation. As we were constantly required to look to our values during the project,  I realised what was truly important to me. The experience will definitely help me in making choices in the future. 
Overall, I am extremely glad that I participated in this project, Thank you so much!

Midori, 15 years old, Malaysia"


Candidates must be G7-12 students who...

  • Want to learn mindset skills to become active as a leader / social innovator in the future.

  • Would like to work on the social innovation business and SDGs business.

  • Want to connect with the same generation outside of school who have strong aspirations to work hard

  • Are considering to study abroad or go on to higher education, and would like to have the opportunity to practice English.

  • Are considering to take an examination in school-recommended selection, comprehensive selection, etc., and want to gain experience in extracurricular activities

Note: English Level|Discussion level required (TOEFL iBT 60+)


Values Provided

1. Mindset for leaders: Leadership / Critical Thinking, etc.

2. Skills to open up the future: Collaboration, Presentation, etc.

3. Network for the future: Overseas friends in the same ages

4. Practical English skill

5. Program completion certificate (Digital)


Submit the Application Form:
(Deadline: Aug 22 (Sun) 23:59 JST)

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