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ICRA 2021 workshop on Unlocking the potential of HRC for industrial applications



Full-day Workshop (online event)


Human-robot collaboration is a widely studied field in research. However, in industry it is adopted at a slower than expected rate.

Collaborative robots need to be safe for interaction with humans. At the same time, they need to be easily programmed by non-experts and operate in an intelligent and adaptive way.

Despite the continuous advances of HRC research, applications are few and are usually downgraded to workspace sharing rather than actual collaborative work.

Taking full advantage of cobots in tasks such as collaborative manipulation of heavy parts, machine feeding or assembly operations has yet to demonstrate tangible results for the industry.

In this workshop we will investigate some of the latest advances in HRC. With the help of robot-willing industry representatives, we will discuss the impediments of cobot adoption in industry. Also, we will investigate the necessary efforts that are needed to unlock their potential.


In this workshop we are going to present the state of the art in HRC and try to unlock its potential for industrial adoption. With a panel of high-profile researchers and industrial representatives, we will discuss what are the needs of the industry and what steps should be made in the research towards efficient, safe and useful human-robot collaboration.

We will also present the challenges in real deployment of robots in different industrial applications, allowing young researchers to exchange ideas and results with senior researchers from both academia and industry, towards the goal of boosting HRC capabilities for the factories of the future.