Deadline: 1 may 2020


Jacobs University is founded on the principle that everyone has the right to a good education. We want to enable high achieving students from across the globe to follow their passions and pursue their chosen careers without financial burdens.

2 Scholarships for women in STEM

This scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate female students who apply for a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

3 Scholarships, 1 per Focus Area

One scholarship per Focus area will be awarded to undergraduate or graduate students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, intellectual creativity and who are motivated to make a difference in the world.


    • Industrial Engineering & Management (BSc)
    • Mathematics (BSc)
    • Computer Science (BSc)
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSc)
    • Robotics and Intelligent Systems (BSc)

    • Data Engineering (MSc)
    • Supply Chain Management (MSc)


    • Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BSc)
    • Chemistry and Biotechnology (BSc)
    • Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (BSc)
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences (BSc)
    • Physics (BSc)


    • Global Economics and Management (BA)
    • International Business Administration (BA)
    • Society, Media and Politics (BA)
    • International Relations: Politics and History (BA)
    • Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology (BSc)

    • Psychologie (MSc)

How to apply*

  • Complete your application for admission by May 1, 2020 (there is no extra application necessary). Students who have already been admitted for the Fall 2020 intake will automatically be considered for the scholarship.
  • Receive feedback by May 12, 2020.
  • Shortlisted candidates will have a Skype interview with the Scholarship Committee between May 13-18, 2020.
  • Receive the final decision by May 20, 2020.

Application Information

Undergraduate Students

Start your Online Application:
You must apply through the “Common Application”, an online application platform that is widely used by universities worldwide. You will have to create an account to submit the supporting documents along with your application.

Apply for undergraduate

Graduate Students

Start your Online Application:
Applications for graduate programs are submitted online via the Apply Yourself system. Create a new account or log in using your email address.

Apply for graduate

*The Full Tuition Scholarship covers the tuition fee for 3 years (Bachelor) and 2 years (Master). It does not cover the costs for room and board (currently 8,000 Euro per academic year) and the general university fee (currently 650,00 Euro per academic year). A breakdown of the tuition and fees can be found here for undergraduate and here for graduate students.