2020 Summer School on Democracy : Political Participation in Central and Eastern Europe



21 June – July 2020, Wrocław, Poland


Active political participation is the key to the functioning democracy. With revealing democratic deficits and rising inequalities, conventional process of civic participation in institutional politics regains its popularity. Direct and indirect participation becomes more and more important in empowering individuals and groups by eliminating marginalization and discrimination. Notable research has developed around the political participation focusing on different aspects of it, such as types, and expansion, conventional forms and current trends, consequences and political efficacy. Yet there is a need for developing, adopting and sharing interdisciplinary approaches to learn more about political participation, the process which is heavily influenced by the current political climate.


During this year’s Summer School on Democracy we will focus on political participation and how it leads to development and challenges for citizens with distinctive or overlapping backgrounds such as voters, party, trade union, or other organizational members; political figures and opposition leaders; climate and youth activists, social media, online campaigners; women’s rights advocates, minorities and persons with disabilities and participants in local, regional, national, and transnational scenes.


The Summer School will revolve around the political participation in Central and Eastern European countries. The above-mentioned issues will be analyzed in the light of current political and policy events in democratic regimes of the region. 


This edition of Summer School will be supported by the Academy of Europe and European Commission Regional Representation. 

- CEEPUS Students: free of charge (with CEEPUS scholarship the organiser will provide the participants with lectures, seminars, the cost of dormitories, meals and cultural programme).

- Other Applicants: €400 fee (includes participation in lectures, seminars, the cost of dormitories, meals and cultural programme).


Applicants are invited to send their CV and Motivation letters to: summerschool@uwr.edu.pl .

Deadline for applications is: 15/04/2020