Autumn CA16114 RESTORE Training School 2019, Venice

Open application to Autumn CA16114 RESTORE Training School 2019, Venice (IT), 2-5 December 2019 Deadline: September 15, 2019

The 4-day Autumn 2019 COST RESTORE Training School Rethinking technologies for regenerative indoor environment is open to European professionals, researchers, PhD and master students with relevant skills in one (or more) of the thematic areas: products manufacturing, facility management, design, advisor. Experience and focus on regenerative and sustainable approach are privileged.

The training school will implement a learning-by-doing approach with local case studies, solution-sets evaluation, measurements of indoor environment parameters and administration surveys to understand user’s prospective.

Outcomes: final small project on optimization strategies and best technologies for improving indoor environmental quality and users’ perception while making building more energy efficient. 


  • 1st day: training on RESTORE principles and restorative technologies+ presentation of case studies
  • 2nd day: training on techniques to asses a restorative environment+ measurement + parallel working on final project
  • 3rd day: keynote speaker on regenerative economy and social impact + parallel working on the final project
  • 4th day: parallel working on final project + project presentations in a plenary session

Tentative list of short inspirational lectures: 

  • KPIs for a regenerative environment and thresholds;
  • Effect of climatic, cultural and social context on users’ expectation;
  • Sets of technologies for a regenerative building;
  • LCA approach to support technology selection; 
  • Monitoring techniques, data collection, surveys and post-processing
  • Best practice: examples of regenerative buildings 
  • The social impact of a regenerative building
  • Toward a regenerative economy

Any interested applicant is required to demonstrate experience and competence in some of the above-mentioned topics (professional or research experience). The participants will be organized in teams, hence in the application, please refer to your area of expertise (e.g. construction, facility management, procurement, second life).

The applicants will participate in the school activities from the 2nd to the 5th of December.

The 25 selected trainees will benefit of a Trainee Grant. This grant will cover the travel, accommodation and expenses up to 640€ for the four days. IUAV University of Venice will be the host institution for the event.  The meeting rooms for the event will be at IUAV University, Dorsoduro 2196, 30123 Venice.


To apply to the RESTORE Training School 2019, please send the following documents (in a single pdf file) to .

  • A cover letter briefly introducing yourself, any previous sustainability experience and why you want to attend (max one page)
  • How you will benefit from the TS and disseminate learning through education or awareness sessions within your own institute or countries (max one page).
  • Your CV (max 2 pages)
  • Eventually a portfolio (max 2 pages)

Proposals will be collected until deadline. The Selection Committee will evaluate them based on the following criteria.

  Description Grading Weight
1 Previous experience in IEQ evaluation, technology for highly efficient buildings; environmental, social and economic impact of construction products 1 to 10 70%
2 Reasons for the applicant to participate in Training School and benefits of the Training School for the applicant 1 to 10 20%
3 Plan to disseminate the findings of the Training School   1 to 10 10%


Application opened: 8th of August 2019

Applications submission Deadline: 15th of September 2019

Confirmation to the selected Trainees: 30th of September 2019

Deadline for e-Cost registration and confirmation: 18th of October 2019

Training School Days: 2, 3, 4, 5 of December.


The city of Venice.

Further detail on the best ways to reach Venice and where to stay will be provided.

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