ACE 2013 - The Fifth Asian Conference on Education

ACE 2013 - The Fifth Asian Conference on Education
23rd to 27th October 2013
Osaka, Japan

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Sponsored by: IAFOR - The International Academic Forum -

The International Academic Forum in partnership with Waseda University (Japan), Birkbeck University of London (UK), The National Institute of Education (Singapore), The National University of Tainan (Taiwan), Lincoln University (UK), the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKSAR), Virginia Tech (USA), Auburn University (USA), and its global partners is proud to announce the Fifth Annual Asian Conference on Education, to be held from October 23-27 2013, in Osaka, Japan.

Conference Theme: Learning and Teaching in Changing Times

The Asian Conference on Education is an interdisciplinary international conference that invites academics and independent scholars and researchers from around the world to meet and exchange the latest ideas and views in a forum encouraging respectful dialogue, and offering the opportunity for renewing old acquaintances, making new contacts, and networking across higher education.

Since its inception in 2009, ACE has welcomed over 1500 academics and practitioners to its annual Osaka event, and this year we expect to welcome a further 500 attendees as ACE continues to grow. We are also excited to develop the conference with the addition of the Asian Conference on Society, Education and Technology (ACSET 2013), which will be run in parallel to ACE and create further exciting research possibilities and synergies. Academics of all ages, ranks, nationalities, cultures and disciplines will be encouraged to forge working relationships with each other, as well as with colleagues from Europe and the US, facilitating partnerships on both the individual and institutional levels.

We hope to see you (again) in Osaka in 2013 as we celebrate our fifth anniversary.

Professor Sue Jackson - ACE 2013 Conference Co-Chair
Pro-Vice-Master, Learning and Teaching, Professor of Lifelong Learning and Gender, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Professor Michiko Nakano - ACE 2013 Conference Co-Chair
Professor of Education and Director of the Distance Learning Center, Waseda University, Japan
Professor Barbara Lockee - ACSET 2013 Conference Co-Chair
Professor of Instructional Design and Technology
Associate Director of Educational Research and Outreach in the School of Education, Virginia Tech, USA
Dr Robert Logie - ACSET 2013 Conference Co-Chair
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Osaka Gakuin University, Japan
Professor Keith Miller - ACSET 2013 Conference Co-Chair
Schewe Professor of Computer Science, University of Illinois Springfield, USA, Editor, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine 



For more information about the conference themes and subthemes, as well as information about submitting a presentation proposal through the online system, please visit the conference website at

Hear the latest research, publish before a global audience, present in a supportive environment, network, engage in new relationships, experience Japan, explore Osaka and Kyoto, join a global academic community... 

Publishing Opportunities: 
Authors of accepted abstracts will have the opportunity of publishing their associated paper in the official conference proceedings, and a selection of papers will be considered for inclusion in the internationally reviewed IAFOR Journal of Education or the planned IAFOR Journal of Technology, Education and Society. For more information about IAFOR journals, please visit the website at


The Fifth Asian Conference on Education 2013 will be held alongside the Inaugural Asian Conference on Society, Education and Technology (ACSET 2013). Registration for either conference will allow attendees the option of attending sessions in the other.


ACE/ACSET Keynote Speaker: Professor Svetlana Ter-Minasova

Professor Svetlana Ter-Minasova is President of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, and Professor Emeritus in the University. She holds a Doctorate of Philology from Lomonossov Moscow State University, and has published more than 200 books and papers both in Russian and English on Foreign Language Teaching, Linguistics and Cultural Studies, and has lectured widely throughout the world.

Professor Svetlana Ter-Minasova is President of National Association for Applied Linguistics (NAAL), Chair of the Russian Ministry of Education's Foreign Language Research and Methodology Council, and President and founder of both the National Society for English Language Teachers in Russia, and the National Association of Applied Linguistics. She holds the Lomonosov Award for teaching achievements, Fulbright's 50th Anniversary Award, and was named Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Birmingham in the UK, the State University of New York (SUNY) in the USA, and the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, in Armenia.

ACE/ACSET Featured Speaker: Professor Mary Stuart

Professor Stuart joined the University of Lincoln, UK as Vice Chancellor in November 2009. She is a graduate of the University of Cape Town and the Open University where she obtained her Doctorate in Social Policy in 1998. Her research interests are focused on life histories, social mobility, higher education students and community development.

Since joining the University of Lincoln, Mary has renewed the curriculum at Lincoln, growing science provision and establishing the first new engineering school to be created in the UK for more than 20 years in collaboration with engineering giant Siemens plc. Mary recently announced plans to create a new science and innovation park, including a school of pharmacy, in collaboration with Lincolnshire Co-operative. Mary has been a champion of widening participation and life-long learning and her latest book, 'Social Mobility and Higher Education: The life experiences of first generation entrants in higher education', was published in 2012. She has extensive experience of developing partnership working between institutions and leading change within universities. She is a Board member of Universities UK, a member of HEFCE's Teaching Quality and Student Experience Strategic Committee and the Higher Education Public Information Steering Group as well as being Chair of the Universities Association of Lifelong Learning (UALL), Chair of Open Educational Resource (OER) Steering Group, Chair of Action on Access Advisory Committee and Deputy Chair of the University Alliance.

ACE/ACSET Featured Speaker: Professor Keith Miller

Keith W. Miller is the Schewe Professor of Liberal Arts and Science at the University of Illinois Springfield. He is a member of the Computer Science Department, and an associate member of the Philosophy Department there. Dr. Miller's research interests are in software testing and in computer ethics. He is currently the editor-in-chief of IEEE Technology and Society. He was awarded the 2011 Joseph Weizenbaum Award by the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology. He is the principal investigator of a recent grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation to study the effects of ethics education for computer science students.

ACE/ACSET Conference Co-Chair and Featured Speaker: Professor Sue Jackson

Sue Jackson is Pro-Vice-Master (Vice-President) for Learning and Teaching, Professor of Lifelong Learning and Gender and Director of Birkbeck Institute for Lifelong Learning at Birkbeck University of London. She publishes widely in the field of gender and lifelong learning, with a particular focus on identities. Sue's recent publications include Innovations in lifelong learning: critical perspectives on diversity, participation and vocational learning (Routledge, 2011); Gendered choices: learning, work, identities in lifelong learning (Springer, 2011, with Irene Malcolm and Kate Thomas); and Lifelong learning and social justice (NIACE, 2011). Sue is delighted and honoured that she has been involved with the Asian Conferences on Education since their inception: first as a featured speaker in 2009; then as co-Chair and keynote speaker in 2010; and co-Chair for the 2011 and 2012 conferences.

ACE/ACSET Conference Co-Chair: Professor Barbara Lockee

Dr Lockee is Professor of Instructional Design and Technology at Virginia Tech., USA, where she is also Associate Director of the School of Education and Associate Director of Educational Research and Outreach. She teaches courses in instructional design, message design, and distance education. Her research interests focus on instructional design issues related to technology-mediated learning. She has published more than 80 papers in academic journals, conferences and books, and has presented her scholarly work at over 90 national and international conferences. Dr. Lockee is Immediate Past President of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, an international professional organization for educational technology researchers and practitioners. She earned her Ph.D. in 1996 from Virginia Tech in Curriculum and Instruction (Instructional Technology), M.A. in 1991 from Appalachian State University in Curriculum and Instruction (Educational Media), and B.A. in 1986 from Appalachian State University in Communication Arts.

ACE/ACSET Conference Co-Chair: Professor Michiko Nakano

Michiko Nakano is a Full Professor in the School of Education at Waseda University in Tokyo. She is currently Director of the Digital Campus Promotion Office, Director of the Distance Learning Center, and Director of Cross-Cultural Distance Learning. A former Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, School of Education at Waseda University and a former Chairman of the Department of English Language and Literature. Dr Nakano's research concentrates on the practical applications of Computer Technology as it relates to Language Teaching and Assessment. She is the co-founder of the Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics (PAAL), and co-editor-in-chief of its journal, and a former secretary general of the Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET). Dr Nakano has edited and published more than 220 papers and books.

ACE/ACSET Featured Speaker: Marjo Mitsutomi

Marjo Mitsutomi is multilingual, and Professor and Executive Director of the recently created Language Education Institute (LEI) at Osaka Gakuin University, Japan. Prior to her current position at OGU, she was academic director of three language acquisition programs at Akita International University, Japan. For many years, Dr. Mitsutomi was on faculty at the University of Redlands in Southern California, where she taught in the School of Education's graduate program, represented the entire university faculty as their elected president for academic governance, and served as director on the Orange County campus. A native of Finland,, Dr. Mitsutomi holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, is fluent in three languages and conversational in another three, and has lived for more than a decade in each of three continents: Europe, North America, and Asia. Dr. Mitsutomi has participated in several cross-disciplinary projects involving language development, planning and policy. She has consulted with the California Commission on Teacher Education and the United States Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). Her most notable contribution as a linguist was as co-author of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation English proficiency standards for pilots and air traffic controllers worldwide. This ICAO proficiency standard governing both native and non-native speakers of English is the first global language mandate of its kind. Adopted by vote at the United Nations, it unites professionals from almost 200 nations, in achieving best practices by the use of a common language for a dedicated purpose, safety through communication.

ACE/ACSET Featured Speaker: Ted O'Neill

Ted O'Neill is an English Language Instructor based in Tokyo, Japan. He taught at J. F. Oberlin University, Japan from 2005-2011 where he also served as Coordinator for the Foundation English Program. In 2011, he took up a position as Associate Professor of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan. He received an MA in ESL and Bilingual Education from the University of Massachusetts/Boston, USA. He is a past co-editor of The Language Teacher for the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) and currently serves on the JALT National Board of Directors as Director of Public Relations. Ted joined the Apple Distinguished Educator Program in 2011.

ACE/ACSET Featured Speaker: Terry Small

Terry Small is a master teacher and learning skills specialist with extensive involvement in applied neuroscience, and who has presented on the brain for over 30 years to organizations around the world. Terry works with schools, universities and some of the world's largest corporations, and is featured regularly on television, the radio and in the press. Terry believes, "Anyone can learn how to learn easier, better, faster", and that "learning to learn is the most important skill a person can acquire." Terry holds a B.Ed. and M.A. from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and now resides in Vancouver. He is a frequent lecturer at both his alma mater, as well as Simon Fraser University.