Call for applications: PHC Van Gogh 2020

Types of projects involved

The objective of this program is to develop the scientific and technological exchanges of excellence between laboratories of both countries, by encouraging new cooperation and the participation of young researchers and PhD students
All scientific fields, including social sciences, are concerned by this program.
A specific attention will be given to projects whose subject is linked to themes present in the framework-program for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

Eligibility conditions

The call for applications is opened to permanent researchers of research laboratories associated with higher education establishments or research organizations. Companies can participate to the project, as long as they are associated with an academic partner.
Projects which already benefited from a support within the framework of this program won’t be admissible for a new application right after their completion. New collaborations have the priority.
Only application files which are co-submitted by researchers working in partnership with authorities responsible of the program in their country will be examined. French researchers need to make sure of that with their partner.

The projects’ evaluation criteria

- Scientific quality of the project and skills of the teams; 
- Active participation from young researchers, especially PhD students or post-PhD students; 
- Efficiency of the cooperation and interest of the complementarity between French and Dutch teams; 
- Opportunities for the project to get structured and promoted. Projects which work as a network, especially those with a European perspective, will have the priority. Researchers have the opportunity to submit an application for another PHC with the same research topic.

Selection committee

Eligible projects will be evaluated separately by each of the parties. Then, the authorities from both countries meet to confront their evaluations and jointly decide of the support granted to selected projects.
On the French side, the European and International Mission for Research, Innovation and Higher Education affiliated with the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research guarantees the scientific evaluation of the files.

Operating mode

Projects may be two-year long.
Funding is provided on an annual basis, possibly for two years in a row. 
This funding must be imperatively spent between the 1st of January and the 31st of December of the same year; it cannot be postponed for the next project.
The funding only deals with the mobility between the two countries involving all researchers in the program. 
Any other funding needed for the setting up of joined projects shall be ensured by the laboratories own means or by other sources. 
The renewal of credits for a second year is subordinate to: 
- The optimal consumption of all funding granted for the 1st year; 
- The submission of a progress report mentioning the scientific results that were obtained (1 page in free-format); 
- The writing of a balance sheet mentioning all actions that were undertaken or are scheduled before the end of the year; 
- The progress report and the balance sheet must be sent to the French embassy before the 30th of September of the first year (cf. contacts for the program below)

Eligible expenses

Funding granted by France only covers the compensation payment for the stay and the French researchers’ trips with their team: 
- Subsistence allowance: 110EUR/day, 
- Trips: reimbursement for real expenses in the limit of 550EUR for each round-trip France/the Netherlands; average expenses are estimated around 400€. 
-  Budget envelopes are set between 1500€ and 3200€ per team.

Intellectual property

It is up to the people in charge of the projects to take every useful measure regarding the intellectual property protection.

Please carefully read the attached file, regarding good practices to respect the rules about intellectual property. The project’s deposit includes the agreement by all parties to these rules.

Project follow-up

A final report is required no later than three months after the end of the projects.
The French representatives of the projects must use the downloadable report template and attach it to their online file within the time limit.
This report also needs to be sent to the French embassy within the same time limit (cf; contact for the program).

Redirected publications for this project also need to mention the support granted by the French Ministries of European and Foreign Affairs, of Higher Education, of Research and Innovation.

An annual and optional (for this will not lead to additional cost) visit to the French embassy is recommended because it would allow a brief presentation of the team’s projects and could expend their visibility.

Practical procedures for a project’s submission

Before any information request, we invite you to check the Q&A section (available here in French)

- Deadline for the co-submission of application files: 15th of June 2019 
- Renewal: 30th of September 2019 
- Announcement of results: December 2019/January 2020 
- Beginning of projects: January 2020


People carrying a project are invited to submit their project in advance in order to avoid technical hazards that would enable them to submit their application in the time allowed. 
Projects can be in French or in English.

Handling your mobility

For each mobility, the person in charge of the French project needs to fill out a commitment form and to send the complete application to the mail address present at the back of each commitment form, 3 weeks minimum before the researcher’s departure.
For each researcher’s mobility, the person in charge of the French project also needs to transfer a copy of the commitment form to the French embassy.

Contacts for the program

For the French side
For the program follow-up and the relations with the foreign partner
Véronique VERGES 
Ambassade de France 
Anna Paulownastraat 76 
2518 BJ Den Haag
Tél : +31 70 312 58 25
Mél :
Site web :

For the managing of any call of proposals
Madame Marguerite de la Rochefoucauld

Campus France
Gestion PHC
28 rue de la Grange-aux-Belles
75010 Paris
Mél. :

For the Dutch partnership
Monsieur Wouter Huiziga

Finance Officer / Programme Administrator
Global Development Department
P.O. BOX 29777 
2502 LT The Hague 
The Netherlands
Mél :
Site web :