Call for Speak at the WIForum Digital Conference


Deadline: 8 June 2020

Submit a proposal to be considered for a speaking slot at the 2020 WIForum Digital Conference.


– Leader in Innovation
– Member of a local entrepreneurial ecosystem
– Startup Investor
– Anyone interested in reaching a global community of entrepreneurs and innovators

You’ll have a 15 to 20 minute block to present depending on open speaker slots.

What’s the story you want to tell?

Think about why your story matters, the value it provides the audience, and how your story will be remembered. Consider what you want people to take away from your talk. Is your goal to inspire, motivate, or raise awareness?

If your goal is to promote a product or deliver a sales pitch, we’re not interested.

Sample topic ideas could include:

– Entrepreneurship and growth
– Instilling creativity
– Investing in startups
– Global Innovation
– SDG#17 Partnership
– The role of open innovation in entrepreneurship
– Open innovation strategy and design


The deadline to submit a proposal is June 8. Once your application is submitted we will respond within 7 business days. We do require a video interview which will be setup after you have submitted your proposal.

We will notify you if your proposal has been accepted on or before June 17.

We look forward to reading your submissions! Feel free to drop us a line at with any questions.

For more information website