Women PeaceMakers Fellowship Program 2018-2019, California, USA

The Women PeaceMakers Program (WPM) offers a unique opportunity for women building peace to engage in a cycle of learning, practice and reflection through participation in a 10-month fellowship. The internationally-renowned Women PeaceMakers program is honoring 16 years of documenting the diverse roles women play in peacebuilding. Knowing the power of women’s full participation in peace and security decision-making to building more durable peace, the Women PeaceMakers fellowship aims to build stronger, more effective collaborations between women peacebuilders from conflict-affected communities and their international partners.

The Women PeaceMakers program is based at the Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ) at the University of San Diego’s Kroc School of Peace Studies.

2018-2019 Area of Focus and Selection Criteria: Women’s Mediation of and Participation in Peace Negotiations


Women PeaceMakers fellows who have participated in formal mediation and peace negotiation processes as members of conflict parties in the negotiations, or as formal mediators to national or subnational peace processes. International partners will likewise be selected based on their work in and support of more inclusive peace processes.


Four Women PeaceMakers and four individual international partners will be selected as a cohort to build mutual learning and stronger modes of engagement between women building peace (“insiders”) and international actors (“outsiders”) working to end cycles of violence. During the 10-month fellowship, the program will focus on women’s formal participation in national and subnational peace negotiations to answer the question:

How can Women PeaceMakers and international partners build more effective local/global collaborations that support women’s meaningful participation in peace negotiations?


There is no cost to participate in the Women PeaceMakers Program. Selected peacemakers will receive a per diem to cover basic living costs during the residency. This funding is to be used for meals and incidentals, and any local transportation needs apart from residency activities.

The program provides all funding related to securing a visa, travel and airfare to and from San Diego at the beginning and end of the residency, and lodging throughout the seven weeks. The program encourages applicants to seek supplemental funding from other sources if needed, although the funding provided by the IPJ for those selected will be sufficient for the full seven weeks.


Housing will be provided at La Casa de la Paz, ​"The House of Peace," on the campus of the University of San Diego in California. The “Casa” ​is a private residence adjacent to the IPJ, on the grounds of a beautiful garden that overlooks Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Each woman will have a private bedroom in a two-room apartment that she will share with one other international Woman PeaceMaker. The apartments are spacious, featuring a kitchen, living room, television, computers and 1 1/2 bathrooms. Selected peacemakers will have the opportunity to rest and reflect in this beautiful, peaceful and supportive setting.


Applicants for the Women PeaceMakers fellowship must:

  • Have worked for 5-10+ years as a peacebuilder and have worked directly in formal mediation and peace negotiation processes as members of conflict parties in the negotiations, or as formal mediators to national or subnational peace processes;
  • Held a significant leadership role in the mediation process, and/or of a peacebuilding organization, network, or movement;
  • Demonstrates peacebuilding/peacemaking skills and attitudes;
  • Be in a position to participate in all activities during the 10-month fellowship and apply what is learned at the conclusion of the residency program;
  • Demonstrate local credibility and a strong social network within her country/community of practice;
  • Speak sufficient English to relate personal experiences. Written English is not necessary. 



  • In order for your application to be considered, it must be sent via email or hardcopy through the mail by April 2, 2018.​
  • If you choose to send it in hard copy, it must be postmarked on or before April 2, 2018​.
  • Applicants selected for consideration will be notified via email by May 21, 2018​.
  • Selected peacemakers will be notified by June 18, 2018.

In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, please write to Jennifer Bradshaw: womenpeacemakers@gmail.com.

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