Call for Applications: APDT Foundation Annual Conference and Trade Show Scholarship for 2020


Deadline: 8 June 2020

To allow members to attend the APDT Annual Conference and Trade Show who may not otherwise have the funds available to do so. The scholarship covers the conference registration fee for four full days at the conference except for additional expenses such as travel, hotel and meals.


Eligibility for the scholarship includes all active professional and premium professional APDT members with the exception of members of the APDT Board of Directors and the APDT Foundation Board of Trustees. Applicants must be a current active professional or premium professional member for at least one year and during the year in which the scholarship is awarded. Supporting members are not eligible to apply. Recipients of the scholarship are not eligible to apply again for five years. The APDT Foundation will maintain a list of scholarship recipients

Funding Sources
Funding sources may include, but are not limited to institutions, companies, or individuals who wish to donate monies to sponsor the scholarship program. Contributors will be listed as a sponsor to the APDT Foundation Annual Conference Scholarship Program in the conference booklet, on the website, and in The APDT Chronicle of the Dog.


Applicants will submit a completed application by June 8, 2020. Applications are to be submitted to

The APDT Foundation Scholarship Task Force will use the scholarship application to select the winning applicants. Applications will be scored based on the following criteria:
▪ Content, completeness and thoroughness of responses to application questions
▪ Participation in community activities, such as volunteer work with shelters
▪ Participation in APDT programs and on APDT committees and task forces
▪ Financial need

The number of applicants selected to receive funds will be limited by the amount of monies available provided through sponsorships.

The APDT Foundation Scholarship Task Force will notify the President of the APDT Foundation Board of Trustees of all scholarship winners. The APDT Foundation will notify the scholarship winners by June 22, 2020.

More information is HERE