Apply for the European Solidarity Corps!

The European Solidarity Corps is a new European Union initiative that brings together young people to build a more inclusive society, supporting vulnerable people and responding to the challenges facing society across the continent.

It offers an inspiring and empowering experience for young people who want to help, learn and develop by funding a range of opportunities across a broad range of areas, such as integration of migrants, environmental challenges, prevention of natural disasters, education and youth activities or measures to prevent radicalisation. The European Solidarity Corps has a proposed overall budget of €375.6 million until 2020.

Who can take part in the European Solidarity Corps?

Young people aged 18-30 are the main target of the European Solidarity Corps. They will undertake volunteering activities or solidarity projects managed by organisations, institutions, bodies or groups.

  • Participants: Young people express their willingness to participate in the European Solidarity Corps by registering on the European Solidarity Corps Portal. Registration is possible from 17 years of age but participants must be 18 at the start of their activity and no older than 30 at the application deadline.

  • Organisations: European Solidarity Corps projects are submitted and managed mainly by organisations which have a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label or Erasmus+ Volunteering Accreditation. Organisations participating in European Solidarity Corps projects must be established in a European Solidarity Corps Participating Country or a Partner Country.

How it works

After completing the online registration process, young people can be invited to join activities run by accredited organisations. These organisations have access to a matching tool called Placement Administration and Support System (PASS), which allows them to search the database for suitable candidates for their projects.

The tool is a single-point access to information, placement and recruitment services offering a pool of young people much broader than typically found locally or nationally.

To find out more details about activities funded under the European Solidarity Corps, take a look at our 'How to apply for the European Solidarity Corps' webpage. The first deadline for applications is 16 October 2018.

A dedicated website with information for UK organisations will be launched soon. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the European Solidarity Corps UK newsletter to receive the latest updates. 

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