SOCAR Polymer Summer Internship Program 2018

SOCAR Polymer Summer Internship Programme offers senior students an opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge to practical application, boost soft skills and develop leadership qualities. Since the launch of the Internship Programme in 2016, a number of applications has tripled.

For ten weeks straight, successful incumbents will be studying the Company’s processes and procedures, mastering new competences and contributing to corporate performance excellence. Following a mandatory introductory course, the students will break up into groups to join various project teams working on action-oriented tasks.

To face the real-world challenges and ensure operations continuity, SOCAR Polymer needs new generation specialists, with modern evidence-based knowledge acumen and competences. Our intensive on-the-job trainings will ultimately boost your chance for employment and promotion.

To become a Polymer Intern, you need to choose a subject field, the 4th and 5th year Bachelor’ s students are welcome too along with those in the 1st and 2nd years of Master’s, and a citizen of Azerbaijan Republic, please follow the step by step instructions below:


Identify a core subject field responding to your interests and inclinations from the list. Fill in the online application form, have your résumé or CV enclosed. Please note, that only complete application forms are accepted for review, those with all fields filled and additional documents attached. 


English Language Fluency Assessment Test: Once you pass screening, you will be invited to an English Language Fluency Assessment Test, for evaluation of your command of English language.

Ability Test: Once your level of English is identified, you will be invited to complete the Ability Test.

Interview: A face-to-face interview, either online or in physical presence, will be the next step. Questions would range from subject-specific, technical ones to evaluate your competency level within the subject field you applied for, to distinctly personalized, to identify teamwork compatibility and make sure you share the SOCAR Polymer core value system.

Offer: At long last, successful candidates will receive an offer to join our Internship Programme.

Note: Make sure than the contact details you mentioned in your application are the correct ones. Don’t forget to stay in touch after you accept the offer.

in order to apply, Click HERE