Vacancy for Food and Beverage Director in Baku, Azerbaijan

Published on: 2014-09-29

Description: Food and Beverage Director

The Food and Beverage Director is in charge of a hotel's food service operations, including restaurants and food preparation stations within the hotel property. This position often demands an experienced Leader who we are currently seeking.

Food and Beverage Director Job Duties include but not limited to:

Quality Control

- The most important job of the food and beverage director is making sure that all guests have excellent experiences with the hotel's food service, whether eating at the restaurant, ordering room service or having a special event catered by the establishment. 
- F&B director is responsible for restaurant personnel following recipes precisely, ensuring quality meals and proper portions, for instance. He is also responsible for personnel following health and safety rules and regulations, ensuring both the well-being of guests and that the hotel is in compliance with the law.
- Inspects to ensure that all safety, sanitation, energy management, preventive maintenance and other 
- standards are consistently met
- Assures that all standard operating procedures for revenue and cost control are in place and 
- consistently utilized


- Food and Beverage Director is in charge of maintaining proper inventory to ensure the restaurant can fulfill all of its orders. This includes estimating the need for ingredients and ordering the appropriate amounts. This also ties in with the need to ensure quality standards, as too much or too little of a particular ingredient can create inventory issues. 
- The director will have budgetary responsibilities for the food and beverage program, which include non-food items such as dishes and chairs.


- Food and Beverage Director is also in charge of maintaining the restaurant staff, both in terms of scheduling and in terms of training. This includes hiring the best applicants, teaching them what they need to know to keep turnover to a minimum, placing the right number of people on each shift in the right positions and even firing them, when necessary. 
- As with food inventory, the director must keep the overall budget in mind, as well as day-to-day operations, when dealing with personnel.
Finally, the Food and Beverage Director must serve as the face of the hotel's food service. Thus, they  may be called upon to represent the hotel to customers, whether dealing with an unhappy guest's complaint or "making the rounds" of the dining room in formal dress to survey customer satisfaction. 
The director will be expected even play a role in such front-of-house elements as the menu design and choice of flatware.

Qualifications Needed:

• Previous senior leadership experience within Food and Beverage required
• Strong Communication Skills;
• Previous experience in restaurants outlets or leading a restaurant through renovations
• Excellent culinary and wine knowledge required
• Ability to analyze data and trends and create strategies for improvement
• Innovative, creative and willing to take risks

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