Vacancy for Finance Deputy Manager – Zeta Group in Baku, Azerbaijan



Main Duties:

  • Performing all duties determined by Finance Manager determined for specific area of work.
  • To manage the cash flow and supervise over the financial transactions within and outside the company.
  • To propose an annual budget based upon organizational goals and the planned targets of production in the guidance of the manager.
  • Control and protect the assets in the interest of the organization.
  • Assist the finance manager to make rounds in attending on financial requests pertaining to purchase orders.
  • Watch the cash flow over the financial transaction with the clients and the purchaser of the assets of the company.
  • Report the fiscal profit/loss incurred on yearly or weekly basis.
  • Interact with financial staff and ensure the audit spreadsheets are maintained every month/year.
  • Handle the day to day job performance of the staff members and manage the payroll activities in approval of the manager.
  • Provide solutions on risk management.
  • Plan a strategic and long term business plans in support of the financial manager and the board of managers.
  • Provide funds with respect to rough cost estimates for new products and services.
  • To assist the manager to obtain financial data from several sources such as expenses incurred in the month, day, etc.
  • To comply with local legislation as required.
  • To respond to any changes in the department as dictated by the needs of the hotel.
  • To be flexible in your job function and perform any other reasonable duties and responsibilities which may be assigned to you, including redeployment to other departments/areas if required, in order to meet business demands and guest service needs.



  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in Accounting, Business, Economics or Finance; 
  • 1 years minimum related experience
  • Proficiency in English and Azerbaijani, additional knowledge of Russian is preferred;
  • Strong Communication skills (verbal, listening, writing).
  • Attention to detail
  • Innovative, pro-active and reliable.
  • Able to work alone and within a team.
  • Organizational skills required.
  • Proficient computer skills.



This position offers a competitive career opportunity.


Please send your CV to cv.zeta@az until November 30th, 2019.

Please indicate the name of the position “Finance