Baltic Sandbox Accelerator Opens a Call for SaaS and Fintech Startups

Baltic Sandbox Accelerator Opens a Call for SaaS and Fintech Startups
Do you know how to bring your SaaS or Fintech startup to Europe, get new customers and partners, become a part of the ecosystem, and get funding from EU/USA VCs? Apply for the Baltic Sandbox acceleration program at More than 200 mentors, 100 investors, 30 global corporations, and 50 media partners will help you to develop and grow your startup in Vilnius, Lithuania.  
How does it work?
Baltic Sandbox program is based on a hybrid model of investing and participating. It will help founders of pre-seed and seed stage startups grow their startups in EU and US markets. The accelerator provides investment and partnerships opportunities with VC funds and corporates from all over the world. Startups will gain knowledge and expertise from internationally acknowledged and highly experienced mentors. 
Why apply?
Building a unicorn is not only about innovation but also about bringing new business models to the existing markets. Good idea and unique product result in less than 1% of success, while efficient and scalable business model adds the remaining 99%. The main goal of the acceleration program is to help startups rebuild their business models and to enable growth that leads to becoming a profitable global business.
This includes:
– Networking, which will continue after the program 
– Daily sessions with experienced and empowering mentors 
– Individual weekly meetings with investors
– Top-notch workshops with leading market experts 
– Networking events with VC funds and corporate partners
– Ensured expansion to EU markets 
– Legal support
– Startup Visa program
– Up to €100 000 funding for selected startups
Why Lithuania?
Lithuania is becoming a Singapore of Europe due to highly efficient and forward-thinking programs introduced by the National Bank of Lithuania and the government of Lithuania. Booming Fintech has resulted not just in a growing number of startups, but also attracted a substantial amount of investment. Major corporations, such as Google, Western Union, Barclays and many others are opening their offices in Vilnius, Lithuania. Notably, Lithuania holds 3rd place in the world for ICO and a 1st place in the world for ICO per capita. 
The accelerator also helps incorporate startups from non-EU countries into the Baltic startup ecosystem via the Startup Visa program:  Startup Visa is an initiative introduced by the Lithuanian government, which allows startups to relocate to Lithuania via a seamless migration process. Once founders are granted a residency permit they have to open a company in Lithuania with minimum initial capital requirements. 
Who are eligible to apply?
– B2B, B2C, B2B2C SaaS or Fintech startups
– English speaking goal-oriented teams with at least 2 founders, who are ambitious, talented, and have an in-depth understanding of the market and the industry
– Working prototype/product, go-to-market stage, understanding of user acquisition strategy
– Product with a primary focus on the EU market and further global growth potential
The acceleration program also provides legal support. A professional legal team will organize your paperwork, which includes GDPR and other EU regulations
8-week Baltic Sandbox Acceleration Program 2018 starts at October, 1st and takes place in a modern co-working space in central Vilnius. 
To apply, please, fill in your request online in order to be pre-selected for a video interview: